Eliminate Passwords

A decade ago Bill Gates declared the password “dead.” Now we know why. If you can remember them, they aren’t strong enough. They’re the #1 reason employees call IT help desks. They stymie the productivity of professionals at all levels. There’s a better way. It’s called Biodentify.

Increase ROI

Time = Money. Right? Biodentify can speed up the workplace with a faster, more efficient way of doing business, and in so doing save money on every employee who uses a computer. And, Biodentify significantly reduces the financial risks associated with security breaches or being found noncompliant.


Not only are healthcare and financial companies and government institutions feeling the weight of regulation, with noncompliance fines running into the thousands of dollars per incident, every industry is creating standards that demand that employees’ and customers’ personal information be strongly protected. Avoid the “big stick” of Big Brother with Biodentify.


You password-protect your company computers, because you can’t trust everyone you employ with access to everything. But gone are the days when man-made passwords made anything secure enough.

Do you really want to rely on human imagination to protect the people and information your business cares about?

Biodentify protects better.


Be Who You Are

The best way to protect against stolen identity is with actual identity. Biodentifying yourself lets your company know that you–and only you–are attempting to log in. Biodentify kills the insecurity and inconvenience of the password.

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